Top ten tips to get kids active

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Here are my Top ten tips on Kensington Mums website to get kids active. With half term around the corner and having children activities week starting tomorrow (30th April- 4th May 2018) this comes in a perfect timing! Children need to get active for at least 60 minutes a day to stay healthy. Amanda shares with us her top tip for children activities week. 1. Visit the playground Challenge the children to play on as many pieces of equipment as they can and allow 30 seconds of short bursts of action on each one. 2. Walking to school If it’s just [...]

More water please our child’s wee is dark yellow!

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WUBL Water was created because, as a Dad I found there was no genuine, fun and, above all, healthy drinks alternative for young children, like my daughter Daisy, when out and about. There were plenty of bright, colourful sugary drinks that were bound to catch Daisy’s attention and sure, I brought a sippy cup along, but I found that Daisy wanted to be included and that I would've been happier with an alternative for her. So I made one - with the help of a cool Co-Founder called Leigh and my very supportive and patient wife, Bonnie. I think we are all aware that our kids need [...]

How to keep your children fit? Amanda in the Telegraph today.

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Amanda get's a mention in today's Telegraph article on Should you encourage your kids to work out? Integrate exercise into their lifestyles Children's fitness expert Amanda Frolich of urges parents to spend time outside with kids before spending money on gym memberships. "Your child's health is more important than anything else you do, including your job, so it is time we started to make it our priority," she says. "Children love kicking and chasing a ball. They also love to be chased. At the playground, challenge them to play on as many pieces of equipment as possible, with 30-second bursts of [...]

How to make the most of National Fitness Day with celebrities and free activities

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There are a range of fitness events going on in west London Wednesday (September 27) is national fitness day and to celebrate local leisure centres are offering free activities and celebrities will be heading down to Flip Out Wandsworth. Everybody knows the importance of being fit and healthy but trampolining is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of exercise, but Flip Out Wandsworth is about to change that. It is hosting a celebrity event to promote the health benefits of trampolines and keeping the younger generations fit. Stars from ITV's Britain's Got Talent along with musicians from Soul [...]

Children’s Activity Provider’s Networking Event

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28th September @ 7.30pm to 10pm BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE Eddi Catz 68-70 Putney High Street, Putney, SW15 1SF Children's activity provider's networking evening. Our guest speakers include the unstoppable......... JAMES SINCLAIR Author of “The Millionaire Clown” and founder and CEO of Partyman, James is co-founder of the Entrepreneurs Network James Sinclair set up his first business while he was still at school. Years later, that same start-up is now one of the largest entertainments businesses in the UK, with hundreds of staff and a multi-million pound turnover. Having achieved success at a young age, James soon found himself in demand [...]

Motherhood by Amanda Frolich

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Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have. My name is Amanda Frolich. I teach preschool children how to be active and healthy using my fun, fitness and music concept. How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a mother? I will be completely honest, it is HARD WORK to keep everyone happy. I have a business to run but at the end of the day, my family come first. When my daughter was growing up it was a lot easier as I had my mother to help me with childcare during [...]

My day with the millionaire clown!

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The Beckhams and Brangelina rave about this west London-based children's entertainer and fitness expert. The life of Amanda's Action Club began in a community hall in Acton nearly 26 years ago She has an A-list following and is the Jamie Oliver of west London's playgrounds. Celebrity children's entertainer and fitness expert Amanda Frolich has hosted parties for the likes of the Beckhams, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Amanda Holden's kids. She brought to life Amanda's Action Club 25 years ago, starting out in a community hall in Acton before building an empire across west London and beyond to tackle the obesity crisis in a fun, interactive [...]

Top Tips for Staying Safe and Making the Most of the Summer Holidays

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The holidays are here and it is a great time to try and take time out and relax with our children. Prior preparation is often key to a great time, have a look at our article with advice for checking your holiday accommodation, things to take with you for a great day out and first aid advice if you suffer from sunburn, heat exhaustion etc... Click here to read the full article little boy building sand castle on tropical beach

Why Babies LOVE Amanda’s Action Club

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When you think of energetic and interactive classes you may assume that Amanda’s Action Club is only suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers, but in fact babies excel in our classes too. Anyone with older children will have seen how much their baby benefits from watching their siblings play. They love copying other children and learn faster by doing this. Research has shown that 60 percent of second children walked earlier than their older siblings. The reason? Babies often learn by watching. "Research shows that having an older sibling around -- someone with advanced language, cognition, imagination, and play skills -- can [...]

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